On 6th and 7th February 2015 the Yorkshire Country House Partnership hosted its Sixth International Seminar on Policies, Issues and Research at King’s Manor, University of York.

With an audience of over 70 participants from the UK, Europe and the USA, the seminar was once again a huge success. Speakers included university academics, authors, curators, archivists, heritage professionals, and country house owners, providing a broad spectrum of knowledge, experience, and points of view. On the first day specially convened panels focussed on the topic of the country house and national identity, with presentations and discussions from Scotland, England, Ireland (North and South), and Wales. The second day covered two topics that are the subject of much attention: the country house and the First World War; and the country house servant. Open discussion has been a hallmark of these events, and this year was no exception with lively debate throughout both days, and much animated discussion carrying on during the reception and dinner.

The topic of nationality will continue to exercise those working across the heritage sector, and it is hoped to repeat the discussions about national identity in a wider European context in the near future. At the same time the commemorations around The First World War will ensure that interest in the fate of historic houses and their families across the UK, Ireland, and Europe will continue to receive attention.