Exhibitions & Projects

The projects the Partnership has engaged in have all been designed to enhance both academic and public understanding. This work has resulted in a variety of outcomes, from dissertations at PhD, MA or undergraduate level, to publications, lectures, seminars and exhibitions in the houses.

The Partnership fully endorses the view that knowledge exchange is the best way of connecting connecting different disciplines and audiences, and helping to unlock the public value of these houses and their collections and histories.


Duty Calls: The Country House in Time of War

A series of exhibitions across Yorkshire in 2013 and 2014

The Duty Calls exhibitions and activities ran in nine member houses across Yorkshire between 2013-2014. These have now closed with the exception of Castle Howard where the exhibition is running until the end of 2015.

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The Partnership is currently engaged in The Country House in Time of War project. This will see the launch of exhibitions in 2013, many of which will be refreshed in 2014. In addition to activities at houses open to the public, all houses across Yorkshire will be invited to contribute to a gazetteer, supplying brief narratives relating to their own history in time of war; it is intended for this to grow into a county-wide survey of the topic.

In spring 2014 there will be an international conference at York entitled, Occupation and Eviction: The European Country House in Time of Conflict.

The Partnership is always interested in hearing about new research possibilities, whether relating to single houses or groups of properties. The purpose behind the biennial seminars is to stimulate discussion across a wide range of topics and to see if new projects might be fashioned. Topics under discussion include: sculpture in country houses; religion; railways and transport; the Grand Tour; empire; technology and domestic arrangments.

While the Partnership is based in Yorkshire many of its research interests extend well beyond the borders of the county, and we welcome the chance to liaise with houses, organisations and individuals elsewhere in the UK and Ireland.